Collection: Desert Sanctuary Core Collection

Desert Sanctuary was born out of a collaborative effort of our all-female design team, with creative direction by Tirzah president, Kirsten Dickerson and friend of Tirzah, Sarah Lin. 100% of the net proceeds of everything at The Tirzah Bazaar invests in our mission to create opportunities for women worldwide for the past 25 years - but the story behind Tirzah is centuries older than that.

The Desert Sanctuary Core Collection embodies that story of Tirzah from the old testament of the Bible, channeling the powerful legacy and sun kissed legend of five sisters who advocated for one another and changed history for women until this day.

Visit our website to learn more, and in the meantime, know your purchases not only support women artisans and entrepreneurs, but each piece represents women rising throughout the ages, and the power of sisterhood to change the world.