Meet the Makers

When women rise, the world rises with them. 

Meet a few of the many women makers who are crafting a better world for their families, communities, and nations through their artisanship. 

Rani - Blockprinter & Sewist

Rani is the life of the party, and always keeps the ladies at Tirzah's partner studio in Delhi, India laughing.

This past year, her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. The total cost for the chemo, radiation, and surgery would be more than $8000. In a country where the average working wage is $8-$10 per day, this seemed an impossibility.

But with the help of Tirzah, Rani was given extra work that would help her to cover some of these costs. She feels so proud that she was able to help her sister  pay for these life-saving treatments.

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Mercy - Expert Leatherworker

Mercy joined our partner studio nearly four years ago as a sewist and now oversees every level of leather working, from patterns to cutting to stitching to stamping. “I am the mother and father of my two children. This work has helped me raise them up,” she shares. Over the past four years, she’s built lifelong friends through the studio as artisans support  one another. “I’ve also grown technically. Her dream is to someday own her own workshop and build a successful business with the experience and education gifted at our partner studio. On her days off, you can find her and her two children exploring the natural and historical wonders of Kenya. 

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Nancy - Expert Brassworker

Nancy has been working with our partner studio for one year in the jewelry department. In a short 12 months, her entire life has transformed. With one daughter in third grade, and a family of seven back home in rural Kenya, her load was heavy. Through this role, she now supports both her daughter and younger sisters education, regularly advocating for the girls in her family  and sending remittance to encourage, uplift, and transform all their futures as they push for their dreams. Nancy’s dream is to launch her own business one day and create jobs for more women like her. 

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