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Tirzah International

Fund a Scholarship for a Young Emerging Leader

Fund a Scholarship for a Young Emerging Leader

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Your donation of $500 funds a scholarship for a young emerging leader to participate in Tirzah's global leadership development program. This faith-based mentoring-coaching program will take the young woman through an 18-month journey of discovering their gifts/talents and how to use their God-given potential to be a change-maker in their nation. This program helps break the cycle of poverty and lift women into hope, empowerment, and change for the future.

Tirzah's Emerging Leader program is collaboratively designed by global leadership experts and thoughtfully contextualized by local mentors. Small groups meet weekly to learn, grow, and encourage one another, spending an entire year invested by global leaders. In the program's second year, the mentees recruit ten more young women to be mentored by themselves, creating a ripple effect that can transform nations and combat injustice from a grassroots level. Finally, the original mentors and mentees attend a summit conference, bringing together the seven regions involved in the program and networking to create change worldwide!

Learn more about our leadership development programs for women at Tirzah International.

We are an accredited 501(c)(3), and your investment in this alternative gift is considered a tax-deductible donation.

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